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There's etiquette to playing craps. Many actions are purely social or superstitious in nature, but some others help ensure that the game is run smoothly and efficiently.

You should try to practice all of the following etiquette rules when playing craps:

If you want to be a part of the "team" be a "right" bettor: Always bet with the shooter.

Never let your hands interfere with the roll of the dice; this is a big no-no in craps.

Don't hold a drink over the lip of the table, where it could possibly spill onto the table.

Collect your winnings and make your bets quickly so as not to delay the shooter.

Never, never say the word "seven" at the craps table - it's bad luck. Of course, this is only a superstition, but you don't want the table angry with you for using that word. Instead, use the nicknames "big red" or "six-ace" when referring to a seven.

It's popular to call 3 as "ace-deuce" or "craps", 11 as "yo", and 12 as "boxcars."

Use only one hand when throwing and handling the dice.

A good way to tip the dealers is to place a bet next to yours on the pass line. The dealers will know it's for them.

Another way to tip is to throw $1 (or more) on a hard way and announce "a hard 8 for the boys." If it rolls, the "boys" will get a $9 tip.

After the dealer pays you, he or she will put your chips down on the layout. It is your responsibility to pick them up before the next throw of the dice, or they may be declared a bet. The expression for this is "They lay ... they play." Act promptly.

First-time female shooters always seem to be lucky. This might just be another superstition, but you should always ride with them.

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